Sunday, May 9, 2010

Freedom is better

We crave for equality.That's the general hue and cry.The blacks wanted equality.Women want equality.The untouchables want equality.But why do they want to be equals to the ones whom they feared and hated.the ones who tyrannise them.what they should crave for is freedom.and freedom is not grounded in envy or jealousy.What's the use of an equal society which impinges on corruption?Would not a free society be better?
I believe that our desire to attain an equal status is grounded in our desire to be like others.But wouldn't that make us machines.And machines are insensitive.Would we want are society to be based on equality and insensitivity.Maybe the ones who are repressed become dominant and they start tyrannising.So whats the point in having a equal society.It becomes a utopia,and utopias can never be attained.Freedom would be a better option.Its a relative term.and most importantly the craving for freedom is devoid of any desire to be like others.Freedom is discovering yourself without any inhibitions.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Wandless Magician

Somewhere in the corner of our minds,
Somewhere in the cockles of our hearts,
Somewhere inside us,
we are waiting.
To see a miracle,
to sight some magic,
waiting for a saviour,
a Ram,a Jesus or a Prophet,
to drag us out of our miserable lives.
A hunchback walking straight
A blind able to see
A barren woman becomes the epitome of Isis.
Our belief in god strengthens when we witness a miracle.
Why does our faith needs a proof?
Does god needs to prove himself that he is "above all"?
He already has.
With every single breath I take,
with my heart thumping inside me,
with each sunset and each sunrise,
with each flower unfolding its colors,
with each wave in the sea,
with each thunder in the sky,
with each bird that flies.
I witness a miracle daily.
He is a Wandless Magician.
But we believe in special effects.
Ain't we?


A Caucasian?
A Mongoloid?
African American?
Quarter of an Indian?
Turkish Muslim?
An Indian Muslim?
A Catholic white or
a Protestant black?
A Brahmin Hindu or
an untouchable Hindu?
My head is spinning.
I'm tired.
I'm all.
I'm none of it.
I'm a human being,
not the pieces you have created.

Invitation to my Dreamland

I have a dream,
To walk on the rainbow,
play with the colors,
make the sky my easel.

I have a dream,
to travel in space,
feel eternal,feel the nothingness.

I have a dream,
to sing a song,
a song which is sung by whole humanity,
a song uniting all souls together.

I have dream,
that someone shares all of my dreams.
Be my brush strokes,
Be my spaceship,
Be my voice.
This is an invitation to my dreamland.
Come and make it true