Saturday, April 4, 2009

Empty spaces

Empty houses
Empty schools
Empty parks
Empty temples
Empty graveyards
Empty roads
Empty streets
I see the world empty.
Is it really empty
or am I deluded.
Even if I am,
but what about
our hearts?
I feel a void there
created by us
when we lied and didn't repent,
when we stole and didn't repent,
when we raped and didn't repent,
when we killed and didn't repent,
when we turned our motherland into abattoirs
for all the" good reasons"
of course we didn't repent then
after all it was done for a "good reason"
Place a mirror.
which one is the object
which one is the reflection?
what is reality
what is illusion?
Empty world or empty heart?
Is emptiness engulfing us
or are we engulfing the emptiness?
I feel empty
I feel full,
empty of goodness
full of evil.