Friday, May 7, 2010

The Wandless Magician

Somewhere in the corner of our minds,
Somewhere in the cockles of our hearts,
Somewhere inside us,
we are waiting.
To see a miracle,
to sight some magic,
waiting for a saviour,
a Ram,a Jesus or a Prophet,
to drag us out of our miserable lives.
A hunchback walking straight
A blind able to see
A barren woman becomes the epitome of Isis.
Our belief in god strengthens when we witness a miracle.
Why does our faith needs a proof?
Does god needs to prove himself that he is "above all"?
He already has.
With every single breath I take,
with my heart thumping inside me,
with each sunset and each sunrise,
with each flower unfolding its colors,
with each wave in the sea,
with each thunder in the sky,
with each bird that flies.
I witness a miracle daily.
He is a Wandless Magician.
But we believe in special effects.
Ain't we?

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