Monday, June 28, 2010

Good vs Good!

You fool!
Can’t you?
Can’t you hear those screams?
The agonies of your kin!
You!drowning in your own laughter,
“but I deserve this happiness”
You again!
To the slashings and clinkings,
The trickle of blood,
The rippings of flesh.
Can’t you?
You,lost in you own world.
Dropping trash in bin
And paying your bills.
Wearing a smug smile on your face.
“I am a good citizen”,it says.
“but I have done my part”
Are you deaf?
Why are you blocking them out?
Listen to the color red,
To the heartbeats of the dead,
Listen to the war noises,
You carnal beast!
Covering them with a blanket,
Hiding them behind your escapades in bed.
“but I have my needs”
Listen carefully now!
To those faint,faint sounds,
The parched lips,
The hungry growls,
Listen to the engine of despair,
Hooting loudly in their minds.
Can’t you?
You!sitting among savoury dishes
With a pampered palate,
“But listen to what?”
“you are right”
“But I ‘m not wrong”
“Its not always black or white,
Wrong or right.
Good or bad,
A hero or a villain.
Sometimes,its good versus good!


Aakash said...

WOW!!! You are getting better each day.....I would really like to get inside your mind and see how it ponders so much.
Good Vs Good---Thumbs up!!

Ankur Oberai said...

I would say it's Purity vs. Morality. They're very different. Purity sprouts from innocence. Morality seeds from farce.
About your post...
Stuti, your thought process is amazing. You know you have this uncanny knack of splitting the situation into parts and merging again.

stuti chandra said...

ya!I break it and then I fuse them together.It comes spontaneously.

Archana said...

Stuti you seriously make us all sit back and think... for a minute we consider ourselves in the frame you want everyone to be put.. the frame which is not made by anyone else but our own conscience...

This one poses a question on all those people, including maybe you and me, who are living in this material world... living in the luxury and comforts it offers.Is it correct to indulge yourself in an expensive meal when there are millions who cannot afford a square meal?? how much is it justified that you roam about in the fuel guzzling SUVs when people dont have enough to lamp a single candle in there homes??? And whom do we actually question, the people who have earned all that luxury by their sheer labour, hard-work, who actually??

Then it really gets Good vs Good..

zain46 said...

brilliant, absolutely shocked me. definetly a blunt perspective on war and the perfect paradigm of good and evil. big ups. i am a fan

Anonymous said...

Bravo my girl.